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Try It In Reverse!

July 2010 | Recently, I had the privilege of kicking-off a mentorship programme. As I was planning for the session, I started to recall my mentorship moments. I remember the numerous superficial relationships with senior company officers assigned to me through official mentorship programmes that never yielded much value. Nonetheless, the few mentorship relationships that worked were not one-sided but beneficial to both.

It pays to have fun at work

Feb 2010 | In the late ‘90s, I was invited to a debate between Herb Kelleher, CEO of Southwestern Airlines and Jack Welch. I was impressed with Herb Kelleher and his usage of fun to drive productivity. No whips or initiatives or forced compliance to the cause but a simple but unorthodox philosophy of levity to drive productivity at his airline. Southwest's former CEO often rode to work on his Harley and once settled a legal suit with an arm–wrestling match.

Want to be a genius, just practise lah!

Jul 09 | What do The Beatles, Warren Buffett, David Beckham, Mokhtar Dahari and Bill Gates all have in common? They’re all famous, they’re all gifted, and they’re all geniuses in their own realms. But more importantly, they all got to where they are today by doing one thing in common – they all poured their hearts and souls, blood and tears into achieving “perfection” through lots of practice .. read article

Roshan Thiran

Roshan Thiran
is currently the CEO of Leaderonomics, one of the fastest growing consulting firms in Asia. Prior to this role, he was the Director of Global Talent Management with Johnson & Johnson. He was also with the General Electric Company (GE) for more than 12 years, working in a number of roles in the US, in Europe and also more recently in Asia and also with a number of other organizations in the US.

Roshan began his career with GE at GE Investments in Stamford, CT, USA leading the start-up efforts of a new mutual fund business as a Investment Analyst. A year later, he joined GE Capital’s Financial Management Program (FMP) based in Stamford CT in the US. He had a number of Finance assignments with various GE Capital businesses in the Stamford CT region, with GE Global Compression Services in Dallas TX, and with GE International in Shelton, CT. He later joined National Broadcasting Corporation (NBC) at its Rockefeller Center, New York City hub as the News & Sports Analyst where he was responsible for the Financials of 6 news programs, including The Today Show, Dateline, Sunrise and leading the MSNBC cable network start-up efforts.

He was also instrumental in driving a number of key process improvements in the NBC Finance community winning a number of awards for his work and effort at NBC.

From NYC, Roshan moved to London, UK, to take on a cross-functional role as Europe Sourcing Finance Leader for GE Capital Europe focusing on Acquisition Integration efforts and integrating Sourcing operations and processes across various GE Capital businesses in Europe and the US. Roshan was instrumental in growing the GE Capital organization in Europe driving a number of key sourcing and finance initiatives.

Roshan was asked to returned to the US in 1998 to join GE Corporate Initiatives Group (CIG), leading GE’s Y2K efforts across the globe and driving GE Global Sourcing initiatives. The CIG group is GE’s think-tank and internal consulting group based in GE’s Global HQ in Fairfield

In April 1999, Roshan moved to Malaysia to join GE Engines Services Malaysia (GEESM) as CFO and Executive Director. GEESM is GEAE’s biggest aircraft overhaul shop in Asia. Roshan helped grow the shop from a $30million shop to a US$160 million shop. GEESM was a JV between GE and Malaysian Airlines, with 1 local customer. GEESM was transformed to become a global player with 30 customers worldwide.

In May 2001, Roshan took on a leadership development role with GE Crotonville/Corp Learning Services as the Learning Leader, spearheading the training and leadership development efforts for GE in Asia. Roshan drove GE’s customer education program and also was instrumental in developing GE’s new global leadership curriculum.

In June 2003, Roshan took a role as the Director of HR Asia Pacific, overseeing Finance organizations across Asia. He was responsible for all Finance training, organization and staffing issues for the Finance teams in Asia and also driving pipeline programmes that develop talent in GE such as the Financial Mgmt programmes, Corporate Audit Staff programs, leading various Asia and Country Finance councils, and numerous other people development programmes.

In 2007. Roshan moved out of GE and took a role as the Director of Global Talent Management for Johnson & Johnson. He spent time across Asia Pacific owning talent development. He also led J & J’s global emerging leader programme design and implementation and the Global Succession Planning and Performance Management projects. Roshan is a certified coach and is certified in numerous training programs including Myer-Briggs Type indicator, Change Acceleration Process, WorkOut, Strategy Workshops, Finance education and a host of other leadership development training program. Roshan has the distinction of being one of the only people in GE to ever achieve a perfect score evaluation from the training session he has conducted. His infectious and inspirational teaching style and unorthodox learning methodologies are well-received across various geographies and people groups from Europe, the US, Middle East and across Asia.




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